Data is the new Bacon

Christiane Reichwein, Writer, Germany

13 July 2017


It is the “Place to be” for all digital marketers. Expo and the Conference DMEXCO in Cologne offers every year the framework for visitors to meet major agencies and brands and to talk with one another. This year it will happen at the 13th and 14th of September.


Each and every one of the more than 50,000 vsitors of this influential trade fair last year got one particular impression: Data has become the most valuable resource in the new industrial age. Germany has apparently managed to underpin its position on the world market as a weighty partner to which this resource is to act. The DEMEXCO is becoming more and more the leading trade fair for the digital economy, which was a great pleasure for the creators Christian Muche and Frank Schneider. A year-on-year increase of 18 per cent compared to the previous year, more than 1,000 exhibitors and 570 top speakers are the successes last year.

The concept of Expo and Conference has worked and shows first and foremost: the market is dominated by companies that have long understood how a flood of economic products, ideas and services are formed. In other words, as from the resource data at the end, millions of sales will be. Much larger, however, is the quantity of those who are lagging behind this trend and still have a lot of information. To find out exactly where the company has to tackle the digital world, to master the deal with information and to transform it into value is the big task.

How can sighted- and blind people play games together?

The Lendeckel-family regularly exhibits their products in Spielescheune Burhave.

In the area of ​​data processing, companies have so far concentrated on the integration of effective ERP systems and the development of a well-functioning intranet. In the meantime, however, a whole new level of digital economy has emerged. How can a company use Snapchat? Why are social media makers suddenly the new heroes? Why is Content Management far more than the history, the background and values ​​of one's company on its company website to spread? The big winners are those who have understood how to remove the precious stones from this inexhaustible resource. What info creates value? How can I grind my rough diamonds, my data volume, for example the online behavior of my customers, to a diamond? How do I filter out how and when I feed my customer best with what info, without being annoyed with it, but actually buying the advertised product?

A kind of invisible parallel world spins around the accustomed world of trade.

If you were already King when you have carefully noted your customers' birthdays and responded accordingly, today you need high-quality communication concepts that keep communication with the customer steadily and not just two or three times a year. Appropriate monitoring, combined with sound insights, leads to holistic marketing concepts, the agencies promise.

Not everyone may openly and honestly admit that the beautiful new world of Data Driven Marketing is completely overpowering him. Who can judge whether the proposed unit is actually worth its money? "In order to maintain the ever-increasing interactive customer dialogue, the know-how of interactive labs needs to be known." Tell me about an old-established entrepreneur!

Erika Lendeckel is processing orders, while Volker Lendeckel is responsible for the technical implementation

Erika and Volker Lendeckel in their workshop in Neuwied Irlich.

On the way from traditional thinking to the contemporary action and skimming up the advantages of the steadily occurring data generation, it is necessary to have companions, helpers and support.

IBM introduced its supercomputer "Watson" on the Dmexco to introduce the cognitive technology that will help brands develop smart strategies.

Watson can do just that: Understand hidden data and filter it into usable, usable information. Visitors to the IBM stand were able to enter various questions about their own preferences, working methods and preferences in a tablet and finally received their personally printed T-shirt. Illustrating the complex process of cognitive marketing with a hand-held product as a result.

80% of all data around the globe are now invisible; Unstructured, hidden data!

Cognitive systems can, of course, evaluate much more than previously collected data. They listen, understand, and understand how users interact with each other and do so in real-time. This is precisely the case with a large number of exhibitors: to identify business potentials and to help them look at their own company from a completely different perspective. Sinan Arslan, Head of Marketing and Communication at Neofonie ( said: "Digital transformation sounds abstract and inaccessible for many people. It is time to think more realistic and to become more concrete - in the interests of the customers, especially when The middle class is addressed ....

In this respect, personalized online marketing and individual e-commerce at DEMEXCO will increasingly go hand in hand. "

We must forget the prevailing idea that the Internet has something to do with computers. It is everywhere!

Another key word was always present in Cologne: the Outernet! This is the entire technology that links virtual elements and real living conditions. Thus the interplay of Augmented Reality (AR) applications, possibilities of geolocalization, Internet of Things (IOT) and corresponding permanent data transmission. In order for the Outernet as an information layer to actually be able to lay as a second skin over the world around us, it is first and foremost permanent availability of the network. Data transmission methods such as HSDPA, LTE and WiMAX are a decisive factor here and consistently highlight the separation between online and offline. For "ubiquitous" is the new key word. The Outernet requires permanent data availability.

This means that computers are literally disappearing literally from the scene. The Outernet does not need any common devices but is embedded in products with antennas and in so-called wearables, in technologies in our clothing and our bodies. "The great potential of the Outernet lies in the transactional nature ... One of the biggest challenges is the collection and use of meaningful and reliable consumer data," says Chris Marjoram, Managing Director, Rapport London, during his lecture at the "Experience Hall".

This should also be considered as the quintessence of the fully packed event in Cologne. Whether the Internet of Things, Wearables, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, or Reality - the networked world is the focus of the consumer and his personal experience. Augmented Reality is setting new standards: the incredible success of Pokémon Go proves that ad formats with a gamification factor have already entered the target group-oriented customer approach. Identification and breakdown of the target groups via Big Data is a crucial process. One thing is certain: data analysis is a good thing! The amount of data collected grows extremely fast. It will increase by 800 percent over the next five years, and 90 percent of today's data is less than two years old. Data of all Pokemon-Go user notsubmitted. These have long been involuntary and certainly unconsciously turned into an enduring community: a permanent community that delivers data about time and place .... what a treasure!