Frequently Asked Questions

What makes you different to others?

Our motto relates to both: Marketing as well as Search Engine Optimization: The mix of methods. With regards to SEO we clearly focus on 2 factors: valuable contents and strong, relevant linkings to pages with a high relevance in your economic branch. With our long experience in content-marketing we know what is essential for you, that's why we start with a detailed keyword-analysis of your branch/your business.
Together with you, we will analyze the results and select the 5 best keywords, based on your intentions. Afterwards we create sophisticated SEO-texts for your selected keywords. This is followed by the second factor: Successful link-building. Here, we rely on an American plugin, giving us access to 4 Million high quality links. After letting us activate the plugin, all you have to do is watch your rankings improve!

How do you measure success?

The goal of all SEO-measures is an increase of website-visitors. While we cannot guarantee that your visitors will automatically become customers, a website's design plays an essential role in this context. If your design is not optimized to all necessary standards, we are happy to revise or remodel your website.
Nevertheless, all our SEO-measures have one goal: Increase your visibility online and lead new visitors to your website- this is measurable using Google Analytics.

How exactly does your link-building work?

We categorize all websites according to their significant market niche and as a result create your essential topic relevance. The referring domain’s high authority is the leading force of backlinks. SEO-landscapes are constantly changing. Google is continuously changing its algorithms to get the best search-results for its users. These progresses lead to the use of more than 100 ranking-signals, which determine your website’s value and relevance. Despite the continuous adjustments, the prevalent „almighty“-link always remains the most important factor.

Ist this Google-compliant?

One of the biggest fears in the industry is a "punishment" in terms of ranking by Google.
Which is justifiable, as Google often punishes websites that place numerous links in linkfarms. Naturally this lead to a horrible ranking in Google for the entire website.
In contrast, we offer linkbuilding with valuable (incoming!) links from websites with a high authority and many relevant contents. It's always about quality, not quantity. This plugin is used by more than 40.000 projects worldwide who experience a rising ranking.

Why is good content that important?

Many operators neglect the integration of new content on their websites.
Nothing is more dangerous for your success, as the majority of users who think that your website has nothing new to offer, will not return to your website any more.
You should not only rework your contents. We highly recommend the creation of videos which should be placed on your front page. Keypages or pages that have a good ranking anyway, should be keyword-optimized.
Our aim is always to keep your visitors interested, as websites will only be linked, if the visitors consider the page relevant and up to date. No matter how good your content marketing strategies are, bad content remains bad content. If you start at this point and integrate useful and informative contents, you secures your backlinks from other pages automatically.

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