Automatic Instagram Comments

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Automatic Instagram Comments

Jumper Media is the perfect partner for small businesses to help them with their social marketing strategies. They offer to do the hard work so your company can rip off the benefit. 

9 Benefits of using Jumper Media’s Instagram Auto Commenter:

  1. You can spend your time on your creative endeavors and let Jumper Media manage your audience.
  2. Auto-comments on Instagram allow you to eliminate spam content.
  3. Jumper Media doesn’t use an auto comment bot for Instagram. You will have real people engaging with your audience. 
  4. You won’t have those silly mistakes where the bot gives apologies to comments that are happy with you or your service or gives inappropriate responses to other people’s posts.  
  5. You won’t have the risk of getting banned for having a bot-based account.
  6. You will target the right people and engage in meaningful conversations.
  7. Grow your audience organically.
  8. You can concentrate on managing your business.
  9. You will see real conversions from your investments.

How to auto-comment on other posts on Instagram:

Jumper Media’s team will go to communities on your niche and interact with real users that could be interested in you and your services. It takes an average of eight interactions for a user to buy your product. Let Jumper Media make it possible with their organic strategies.

Plus, you won’t have the risk of posting inappropriate things on other’s people posts with their services. For example, with bots, you write a few comment responses, and the software will randomly put them on other people’s posts. 

But they could comment, “Awesome! :D” on a person’s photo of their dog that just passed away. Instead, you will have a real person going through different users, give the right responses to their post, and start real conversations. But for you, it will feel the same as having automatic Instagram comments.

Jumper Media’s Services:

Its services include growing your Instagram account with real people, exciting content to keep your profile alive, social media advertising, and Instagram Loops. Jumper Media also has its own marketing software called Shirley, which helps you manage all the details from your social media in one place. 

Shirley Keeps all your influencers in one platform, sends automated emails if they forgot to post, and saves all the posts and stories for you to verify later that the influencers are keeping their side of the deal.

Another key service is their brand new strategy called Instagram Loops. Instagram Loops creates partnerships with mega influencers that have millions of followers to plan a massive giveaway. 

For example, Jumper Media plans a giveaway of a Gucci bag. And the terms of the giveaway are to follow 20 accounts, which are their clients. The influencer starts posting and promoting the giveaway, and Jumper Media’s clients go up to thousands of followers in one day. 

The company is so confident in its strategy that they offer your money back if you don’t gain at least two thousand followers. 

The best part of Jumper Media is that it offers Instagram automation without using bots. It has a team of real people that login to your account and interacts with your audience. It provides real growth organically with features like automatic Instagram comments.

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Automatic Instagram Comments