We create optimized contents for your website to increase the effectiveness of the assigned relevant links. Adding suitable content, corresponding to your chosen keywords, is always a good idea, as it will improve your rating for the respective keywords. You want contents that are useful and informative for your website’s visitors, not some filler texts, full of keywords that would only “feed” search engines. Using our plugin, we simplify this process. You simply enter conducive and meaningful supplementary text for each keyword and our system will use these contents immediately to support your backlink-profile marketing.

“We create valuable and relevant contents for your website.”

Simply filling up your backlink profile with the exact keyword texts, would have negative consequences for your ranking. To prevent these, we create a backlink-profile, using the relevant content you entered for every keyword. This type of marketing is called content marketing.

Valuable Contents

This is achieved by initially adding en entire page per keyword with relevant contents.
Our team of authors will do this for accounts that are liable to pay.
These contents will be integrated in your website with our plugin and thoroughly structured in closely linked SILOS accompanying each keyword.
We will write a 75-word SEO-text for you. Using these descriptions, we create backlinks from other, significant pages which also use our services. These links are beautifully marked with the article's title, which again refers right from the page where this link is shown to the respective article on your website.

“This is the best modality for contents distribution."

Afterwards, the paragraph containing a text-link with your company's name or web-address will be directly linked to your website. In addition an image, showing a snapshot of your homepage, will also be used as a link to your website. Together, this leads to a solid and secure type of linking.

Instead of hiding some cheap textlinks on random pages, you have got an article with a high informational content which is directly linked with further information on your website.That is the best method of content distribution. Distributing the entire article randomly online would lead to a lot of duplicated content (duplicated content =bad rankings on Google ). For this reason we lead valuable contents only to the place where it should be: YOUR website. Consequently, the content refers only to a short paragraph, which improves the links importance and increases your ranking on search engines. The reason for this is that you are linking a relevant title with essential contents to a relevant page. This leads to an enormous impact that increases your rankings significantly.

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