WebShops 2.0

Convincing shops that will be found online.

A new era of WebShops.

We develop webshops according to the highest technological standards using inspiring designs!
We connect technology and design, while paying attention to your webiste's performance and SEO, making sure that your shop will be found online!


 Shop systems that are ideally adapted to your requirements.


The individual "Look & Feel" gives your webshop a unique, custom-made design.


Great performance, responsive design, usability, payment-interface.


High OMI -Index for payment, delivery, return and security-standards.

Simple and beautiful.

Today, design is reduced to leave space for you product presentations. Your product or service is the core of your website.

Optimization and ease of use are essential. Both increase your conversion-rate and reduce purchase cancellations. Buy-buttons on social media platforms or checkout processes in messengers are getting more and more important.

We've got a special gift for all Do It Yourself-people:

Classic marketing meets digital marketing! Proven methods like Telephone Marketing can be perfectly connected with Webmarketing. We value the combination of various measures. Thus, we achieve the progress our customers desire: Not only with regards to brand development and name recognition, but also in terms of product- and service-presentation, as well as distribution.

About Crossover Media

The mix of classic marketing and digital marketing opens up new avenues for customer engagement.

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