We create a Keyword-content-structure on your website and format in Silos to create the best possible results for your website. To improve rankings for a number of keywords, it is important that your website is thoroughly structured and optimized for the corresponding keyword-set.

Far too often, websites are not well structured, consist of only two or three generic pages, such as "home", "about us" and "contact". As a result, it would be difficult to achieve a high keyword ranking, especially, if the necessary keywords are not even mentioned on your website.

“We create a construct of content.”

This is the point we're taking into consideration with our plugin. An essential feature of this plugin is not only the link-exchange, but also the article-costruction of web-content.

For every keyword that is linked to your account, an entire page // dedicated to this // is created on your website. These pages are grouped in so-called Silos with other relevant keywords.
As a consequence, a library of well-structured information is created, which gives your website the necessare SEO-architecture to increase its rankings.


Cross Over Media exclusively creates W3C valid HTML-5-coding for its customers.
The best of the best. Nothing changes as rapidly as technologies. In a blink of the eye, new trends appear and vanish as quickly. Whatever is red-hot today, might be obsolete within weeks. But this does not change your need to remain on the top.

"While coding, we always focus on the optimization and hold on to the highest W3C standards."

This is exactly what we do. We strive for the highest quality coding-standards and newest technologies, using our plugin. We update our plugin regularly and verify it everyday. This guarantees that our pages are simple, so that search engines analyze and index the effectively, to bring you website the greatest benefits.

Suitable for mobile devices

Having a website that supports mobil devices is a must in the age of rising access numers through mobile devices. Today's technology fits ito the palm of a hand. Every year, the traffic rate of mobile devices on your website rises. In some cases up to 70% access your website via mobile devices.

"Thus, a mobile website, often called a 'responsive' website, is a must on today's market."

If your website has a static width, it will be nearly impossible to navigate on it using a mobile device, due to its small text. As a result, your customers will leave the website as quickly as they accessed it.
Using our SEO plugin, we wil consider this development. If your website is optimized for mobile use, our plugin can be neatly integrated into this structure. Therefore our pages will be as beautiful on a mobile device, as they are on a computer.

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