We categorize all websites according to their significant market niche and as a result create your essential topic relevance. The referring domain's high authority is the leading force of backlinks. SEO-landscapes are constantly changing. Google is continuously changing its algorithms to get the best search-results for its users. These progresses lead to the use of more than 100 ranking-signals, which determine your website's value and relevance. Despite the continuous adjustments, the prevalent "almighty"-link is the most important factor, while the content's value remains the secondary one.

“The difficulty with valuable and relevant links: How the hell do I get them?”

Google does not want you to buy links, you do not want to write numerous comments on blogs, nobody wants to upload tons of directory-lists. So what can a website operator do?
This is where we come in!

Please do not consider us a mere "network" or even worse a "Link Farm". These terms have got a negative overtone and belong to spam-techniques of the past.
To begin with, a so-called „Link Farm“ is a group of websites that were solely created to build links. Usually these are bad-quality links with duplicated or fictitious contents without any real value. They were first and foremost created and exist to place links, identically to most link-networks. Probably you have heard of the term SAPE in this context.
SAPE is a private network where one can purchase links. Similar to link-farms, big companies have integrated tons of junk-pages with poor-quality contents in these networks, just to sell and distribute these.
But as mentioned before, this is not what you are looking for.
With our plugin we are paying attention to this. An essential feature of this plugin is not the link-exchange, but the article-construction on YOUR website.

High Quality Links

So, what does that mean? We're doing this job! We offer you (as German licensees of an American platform) links to real websites, operated by real website-owners in all relevant categories.
An entire platform is not only essential for reciprocal linkings, but rather a way towards high quality, relevant links to websites. These are structured in main-categories and furthermore divided into the creation of niches and sub-categories. The result is high quality links that will help you to get a high ranking.

“Our links are secure and strong."

These are no usual links which you could buy for a few cents. You do not need 10.000 of these to improve a single keyword-rating. The quality's and relevance's impact assures that your rankings will improve visibly in a very short time.

And above all it is simple! We will look for the best and most relevant keywords, write your SEO-texts and activate the plugin. You do not have to bother about the links referring to your website, because you will fully remain in control. You can check the list at any time and deactivate certain links, if you should wish to do so.

Analysis and Reports

You will receive a monthly evaluation of your website's data, containing information from Google Analytics and the Keyword-Ranking-Report.
For any marketing-campaign you are starting to achieve a certain goal, you always need a method to check the progress and impact of this campaign. You have to know, if your efforts and money pay off and lead to the expected result. Using different tools and graphics, you will have a full picture. See where you've been, when you started to work with us and discover the progress your website has made week after week.
You can check the rating in search engines for the chosen keywords and also check reports on the respective keywords. There is a detailed link-report which contains all results we receive for you. You'll see where you are at the moment and also a value we've assigned to this keyword.

“Watch your rankings improve!"

We offer a service which we call "Google Health Check". Automatically and at regular intervals your entire website is analyzed for errors ("bugs") that are stopping your progress.
We always explore new avenues to rate your website's performance.

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